Life cycle management of property, assets and associated technologies.

Acquisition and divestment of freehold and leasehold property.

Workplace and project management experts.

Property & asset management solutions for a digital world. 





What is Asset Management to us?

Our approach to asset management adopts global best practice standards of ISO 55000 paired with our philosophy of optimising our clients' investment in property, assets and associated technologies. We do this through delivering the following core services:

Asset Information Management

  • Asset information & financial management solutions – systems establishment, data collection, cleansing, migration and integration. 

Strategy & Planning

  • Property and asset management strategies and plans - due diligence, business modelling and feasibility/ business case build.
  • Digital real estate transitions.
  • Intelligent advice on single property assets and entire portfolios.
  • Workplace Analytics & Strategy - workplace and workspace strategies that increase human productivity & resource utilisation, and streamline and ultimately improve workforce performance.

Asset Acquisition & Divestment

  • Site & terrestrial tenure access, land, building and portfolio acquisition services - site search, negotiation and coordination of commercial documentation.
  • Transaction management services for our client’s infrastructure, investment and business accommodation agendas.
  • Acquisition due diligence including architectural and engineering integrity and condition assessments.
  • Asset Divestment – freehold and leasehold offload and transaction management.
  • Capital Recycling – infrastructure financing solutions and offloading of non-core business related assets.

Property Project & Managed Services

  • Property, facilities, workplace & supporting digital infrastructure design and project management.
  • Managed services - tenure & statutory obligation management, rental reviews, option renewals / take-ups / extensions / exits and maintenance plans.
  • Portfolio financial administration – on behalf of our client’s management of their monthly reoccurring financial processes and accounts payable and receivable obligations.

Property Transactions

Property Transactions


What do we mean by Property Transaction Services?

Property investors and occupiers around the world are challenged by the rapidly evolving influence of technology impacting the workplace.

Both traditional and technological factors drive the commercial property requirements for acquisition, design, construction and management of effective property solutions. As the corporate and institutional occupier market is demanding more from their workplaces than ever before property owners and investors are having to adapt their traditional business models in response to these influences. 

We provide the professional services required to plan, acquire and divest your property portfolio:

Planning & Development

  • Property & Facilities Strategies.

  • Asset Planning & Property Development - tenant feasibility, due diligence, business case, leasing forecasting, business modelling.

  • Smart Buildings – implementation management including
    feasibility, audit / design, technology installation, revenue models and monetisation.

Leasehold Acquisition & Divestment

  • Tenant Representation - leasehold acquisitions including
    services such as site search, negotiation and coordination of
    commercial documentation.

  • Agency Services - leasehold marketing and negotiation. Specialist pre-commitment advice, marketing and negotiation.

  • Asset Divestment – sub lease marketing, transaction negotiation, coordination of commercial documentation.

  • Make Good - leasehold make good negotiation and project management (superintendent or head contract).

Freehold Acquisition & Divestment

  • Property Owner / Investor Services - freehold acquisition,
    deal management, transaction negotiation and coordination of commercial documentation.

  • Agency Services - freehold sales and acquisition. Specialist, confidential off-market advice and transaction management.

  • Asset Divestment – marketing, transaction negotiation, coordination of commercial documentation.

  • Capital Recycling – infrastructure financing solutions and offloading of non-core business related assets.


Workplace & Projects

Workplace & Projects


Workplace Transformation Specialists

Spatia specialise in creating workspaces that excite and challenge your workforce, delivering end to end strategy, design and construction of working environments that meet the growing demands of people, space and technology.

Spatia provides specialised workplace transformation expertise for corporate and government clients, supported by a deep capability in workplace design, construction, change management and transition. Since our establishment, we have designed and delivered many unique and sustainable working environments across Australia and New Zealand.

Workplace Strategy & Analytics

Workplace and workspace strategies that increase workplace utilisation, streamline asset management and ultimately improve workforce performance.

Workplace Acquisition

Site identification & acquisition planning including site search, business case, negotiation and acquisition (Heads of Agreement, Agreement for Lease & Lease)

Change Management

Specialist Activity Based Working (ABW) expertise. Education and support of the workforce through organisational change, the real estate impact and how your people can thrive in a new environment.

Project Management

End to end project management including cost (estimation / budgeting, oversight, reporting, financial processing), programme and quality management.


Architecture, interior (space studies through to detailed documentation) and building services design including technology services utilising 3D BIM technology (ArchiCad).

Approvals Processing

Heritage (local or state), local authority, land owner, building owner and client approvals processing including stakeholder management and design / environmental statements.


Procurement and delivery of all construction trades, site management, construction and certification ensuring the compliant delivery of fit out works to enable Occupation Certificate.


Relocation management including strategic planning, scheduling, stakeholder management and supply of all resources required to seamlessly transition people, documents, furniture and technology.

How We Work

Our approach is client focused, supporting change through collaboration with the client team to develop innovative solutions.

Incorporating our core Workplace Change, Design, Construction & Transition team leaders, we combine our experience with your in-house property & facilities, human resources and technology expertise in our endeavour to provide workplace transformation solutions that enable your workforce to be their best.


With our unique blend of strategic, analytical, creative and technical expertise, our team can offer you:

  • Reduced risk through a team experienced in delivering fitout and change projects.
  • Increased workplace satisfaction and productivity with skilled design and environmental solutions paired with workforce education, training and change support.
  • Optimised real estate utilisation (reduced costs) through enabling fit for purpose and adaptable workspaces.

Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure


What is Digital?

For Spatia and our clients, being digital is about leveraging technology to deliver traditional asset management services in a completely new way. 

Digital means different things to different people. It is most commonly linked with technology enablement (e.g. conversion of paper based information to a form that can be stored, retrieved, analysed and managed by computer) or as a means of communicating and engaging with an audience.

When we talk Digital in an asset management context, we talk about 'Digital Infrastructure & Systems', 'Digital Real Estate' and the impact of technology on improving how we have traditionally undertaken the management of infrastructure and real estate assets.

Digital Infrastructure & Systems

Digital infrastructure within an asset management context typically comprises a public or private communications network (e.g. satellite, fibre, cellular or wifi) that connects a facility, it’s plant and equipment assets and their embedded sensors, monitors and controllers.

Digital systems are the information management platforms and applications that use the digital infrastructure to communicate real time visibility of a facility’s operating environment and performance.

It is this technology mix that supports our day to day voice, messaging & data requirements and the emerging system2system or machine2machine networks that are poised to become ubiquitous across all future infrastructure and real estate assets, ultimately improving how traditional property / facility and asset management services are provided.

Digital Real Estate

Digital real estate is the tenure that secures the rights of occupancy for the communications infrastructure and supporting facilities (Digital Infrastructure) on or within terrestrial land, property & building estates.

Digital Real Estate Services

We provide the professional property and asset management services required by owners and managers of infrastructure estates (REIT’s, resource companies, utilities, broadcasters, data centre operators, entertainment organisations and other business operators). 

Applying Digital

In undertaking digital transitions within their asset portfolios, our clients are typically pursuing the following smart asset management outcomes; 

  1.  identification of their plant, equipment and machinery ('things') inventories (what, where, in what condition, useful life & economic value); 
  2. ongoing tracking and locating of these assets;
  3.  real time visibility of the environmental conditions and performance of these assets;
  4. remote monitoring and control of these assets;
  5. enablement of automated situational adjustments of these assets in response to environmental influences and the behavioural demands of the assets users / occupiers.
Many industries have made productivity gains averaging 80% during the last 50 years. The property & construction industry on the other hand has reportedly become 20% less productive over this same period...

...innovative digital real estate solutions will be key to making our property & building estates more efficient and sustainable.