Workplace Analytics & Strategy (WPA)

Workplace Analytics & Strategy (WPA)


Spatia Asset Management helps organisations develop workplace and workspace strategies that will increase workplace utilisation, streamline asset management and ultimately improve workforce performance.

Workplace Utilisation Studies

Through a range of observational, infra-red motion, thermal detection and wireless motion studies combined with existing organisational, personnel and space data we can produce valuable insights into an organisations current workplace metrics. This provides visibility of space utilisation and productivity improvements.

Workplace Analytics (WPA)

Through decades of workplace consulting experience we have developed analytics software to gather important, objective and measureable input about how the workforce organise and value their work and workspace. 

Through a web based dashboard we compile and report insights that translate organisational dynamics into valuable decision making information. See overleaf for more information.

Workplace Strategies and Master Plans

Creation of workplace / workspace strategies will enable identification (and acquisition) the best suited workplace or ensure optimised utilisation and performance from current workplace(s).

Production of a strategy or master plan will enable strategic decisions to made by any organisation over near (annual to 3 years) and longer term (5-10 years) investment horizons.               

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